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9/19 要開始新工作了!


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過了幾個月,經歷吃不下,睡不飽,腦袋不夠用,時間不夠多的日子裡,我終於結束了8個禮拜的案子,雖然這個網站比我想像中還要艱難,最後也需要找一些data visualization and analytics, 需要找人自己願意的支持才能寫完。 寫程式這麼久,甚至自己一起和朋友寫了一個CRM, 強烈的感覺,不管是做什麼行業的人,都需要學寫程式,可是寫到什麼程度,達成什麼目標,一開始就要設定好,要不然很容易成為洪流中的小船,漂來漂去,不知道漂到哪裡去,不管是真的想要做工程師,或是只是想學的技能,甚至真的想要做工程師的,也需要對自己學習的語言,未來的發展有一點目標,要不然會寫程式的人那麼多,要成為最頂尖的人,不容易。 過了一陣子,我很清楚地確定我不適合當工程師, 關於我自己擅長的事物,我覺得比起來,我可以把別的事情做的比當工程師還要好。但是為什麼我要學程式呢?就像是,今天如果你不會英文,每次看到英文字,都必須問別人,現在有很多即時翻譯的軟體很方便,但是如果沒有翻譯的軟體,那種無助,無法施展,不知到底是該如何去解決這個問題的感覺,老實說對於對自己有一定自尊的人傷害蠻大的。所以我覺得不管哪種語言,學習,讓自己解決問題的能力增加,越會邏輯思維,越懂得科技,越能覺得自己和時代一起在進步。如果什麼都不懂,被落後的感覺,很差....我很開心,自己在進步,和這個世界,這個時代一起地,在進步😊

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My story was published on Techladies blog

I am working on my project for a NGO in Singapore recently. Our team met weekly, and I enjoy to do programming with these interesting and enthusiastic people together. I have learned a lot from this project, and now I improved some skills of Ruby on Rails. It is time to improve my own blog. 😜😁 This is the story that published on Techladies' blog, and I hope I can write more stories in the future. Let's keep on working. 💋🌺 🍀Below is the URL🍀 http://blog.techladies.co/techladies-experience-sandy/#.VwDgLxN97Vo

Posted on: 2016-04-03

I am in London now, working on my comments function and others

I still want to add a lot of functions to my blog, and I am still working on it. it is endless de bug and try to figure out why it doesn't work. It really drives me crazy.... Programming really needs a lot of patience. Therefore, we know now engineer boyfriends or girlfriends are one of the most patient people in the world!!! 工程師們是一群世界上最有耐心的人們Today I finally made my time function and comment function working on my blog!💗😄🐾😂

Posted on: 2016-03-01

Milano coding, get more familiar with Rails and Ruby, a flying zombie learn from zombie

Last week, we learned some functions of Github . We are going to push our projects online weeks later. Recently, I need to be more familiar with Ruby and Rails. There are some different ways to use Ruby on rails.....It is not easy to remember all. Therefore I need to refer it again and again. This Zombie videos are quite famous and useful for someone who knows Ruby already. https://www.codeschool.com/courses/rails-for-zombies-redux/videos

Posted on: 2016-02-22

Review Ruby on Rails in Melbourne

I was very tired after doing a 14 hours no-sleep over night long flight. After few hours power nap, I turned on Codeacademy and went through Learn Ruby on Rails. It makes the whole process clear and easier for the beginners. If anyone is interested, highly recommend starting with this. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-rails - 14 Feb. 2016, Happy Valentine's Day! 💗😊🌹

Posted on: 2016-02-14

Studying Ruby in Amsterdam!

Enjoy freedom and sweetness in AMS. It is an early season for tulips. Step by step, need to practice more about indentation of Ruby.

Posted on: 2016-02-02

Second Post on 29 Jan16

Thanks for my friends' sharing. There was no password required when my blog just generated. Therefore, I tried to put one Authentication window in order to prevent people post freely. (though I really like it! ) It can be seen at below link at 9 Basic Authentication : http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html And I will still try to improve everyday. :)

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Hello Sandy

Hello World

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This is a title


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Hi sandy

There's no password to protect the page for posting?

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First Post on my website_28Jan16

It took such a long time to build this. I started from knowing nothing about coding to successfully building my own website. In order to do this, I learned html, css, rails, heroku, and hope to keep improving everyday. 千里之行,始於足下。

Posted on: 2016-01-28